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March 28, 2014

  I think that the most awesome art events happen at L.A. Artcore. Lydia Takeshita, it's founder (1979) has facilitated its growth and
the professional 
development of the artists she exhibits. You can contact them at Another person of note is
Dale Youngman.  
She is innovative and curates alot of special projects. Betty Brown is also pretty unique and always organizes interesting panels.  I also had a great experience this year as one of the artist selected for the book, Our Ever Changing World by Karrie Ross.  I wish I could name all the artists out there that I know in that they are all amazing in how they create.  I would need pages and pages for that.


 I have been painting in preparation for the 4 person show at LA Artcore in late May,2014, so I invite you all to come and enjoy.  Look under current shows for the latest information.  I am excited to be in this community based gallery.  I just finished a large piece that has been progressing for the past two months.  Alot of my art is drawing based in that I sketch forever, paint and then draw into the painting as I go and yes, there is alot of underpainting. It's like a large doodle and I am constantly playing with colors. I never create a composition and it's all stream of consciousness stuff.  Each one is so detailed and I have had to accept that this is me.  Jacob's Doll House took months to create.  Thank god we can oil out the canvas!  It is a process but I seem to always be wanting to fill the space. 

  De-cluttering in the last month as well, in order to get to work more easily.  Half the battle is won if your art area is ready and waiting  I've always enjoyed  layering and tearing whether it's paper or layers of paint on a surface. and love to draw.

I am happiest when painting for hours and not answering the phone or email.  I have found that I can't do email and the web on the same day as creating.  I've tried.  After email or Facebook I feel like I have been drained.  I have been doing experiments to see how long I can go without checking that stuff.  Usually it's worked out to about every 3 days without getting into trouble.  It's tricky.  What can I say?  I am not a multi-tasker so I do my best.   I love silence or books on tape when I'm creating. When it's quiet I feel so clear and every real sound is unique.  I have offered a few of my works, a collage and a portrait as an affordable print so hope that some of you will check it out.   I have made a gallery for the upbeat collage pieces and for the dark post surgical ones currently being created.
  Although I reference the children from old photos of my brothers and I, it is not a "journal".  I take sketches that I do at cafes of children and adults and mix them into the work to make a statement about how we live in this fast paced society where technology controls our lives and children face a dark future.  This is how I feel.  

 The guitars on Sunset were auctioned at Julien's in Beverly Hills.  Mine was in the top ten above the bidding price but they still haven't let me know who purchased it.  I hope someday that I will meet some of the people who have bought my work. I have never been able to find out who some of you are, so if you have collected my work please let me know.  Promise I won't bug you.

 Keep checking updates at my site,

 I can't imagine not drawing or painting.  When I'm painting the hours just melt away.  I love painting without any sounds except the natural sounds around me.  My old dog, Snoopy sleeps by the easel and it's comforting. My son's dog, Pickles, is always getting into mischief but both dogs offer faithful unconditional love. When I am out and about with my sketchpad, I really enjoy drawing what ever I see.  It's like I'm this visual recorder and my surreal thoughts come out as images onto the paper. 
If you e-mail me on this site or facebook me, don't get discouraged.  My priority is making time to draw and paint and if I go on line too much, it takes my energy away from the easel or the sketchpad. I will get back to you. 
I believe that anything is possible if you have the capability to do it and take the time to go through all the struggles.   There's a terrific book worth reading for any creative called "the War of Art".  Another book worth reading is "Persist" by Peter Clothier.  
I have been struggling and figuring out my website alittle more than I used to.  Technical areas are rough on my poor brain but I am pushing myself to do it.  The only problem is the knowledge that I won't be able to create a darn thing afterwards for the rest of the day.  Knowing this, I content myself with working out my stress at the health club, or listening to books on tape, and of course hiking here and there.  No, I haven't mastered every fear and am still agoraphobic and strangely scared and anxious in a car, both as a driver and a passenger and have always been like this, even as a kid.  I have picked up meditation now.  They call it Sahaja Yoga and this type of midiitating has helped alot in that I accept myself more.  I can only do one thing at a time so I enjoy each task and don't worry about how long things take.  Everytime I get down on myself, I look at all the people I admire and there are so many, and this keeps me hanging in there.
Keep creating!