My paintings and drawings are an ongoing visual narrative that presents the richness of cultural diversity of all people and present day issues. As I sit and sketch in barbershops, cafes, and other places of communal gathering I am taken by every person I meet.  Like Bios and Zoe, we carry the threads of those that came before and weave this into the path today. I am a visual story teller.

Barbershop paintings 2011-2014
The barbershop setting is about the stories that people share in places of communal exchange and also my own thoughts about the world, and current events and the people I meet when I sketch in barbershops and mall settings.
Barbershop Gallery 2008-2010
Getting a haircut is a respite from a peron's day. The barbershop is a setting for all the stories I hear and visually record and the stories I imagine as I sketch in these shops.
Pencil Works Gallery 2009-2013
There has been more interest in exhibiting my graphite works. These pencil pieces date from 2009-2013
Special Projects Gallery 2010-2014
Public Art and special Projects
People and Places Gallery 2010-2011
This work is paintings based on sketches from cafes portraits of those I feel close to, and my own imagination. This is Jodi's world where people meet and hang out on strange streets and cars don't exist.
Paintings 2007-2008
I take the real world and change it. Cars don't exist but people do.
Unhindged Gallery 2010-2011
An old door is broken into pieces but recreated. The creation and changes in this series had continued into 2011.. I have created my own frames from wood and sand and have reworked some of the pieces.
Collage Paintings 2011
These collage paintings, completed are based on the greek mythology of Bios and Zoe. Bios is the outer body that eventually dies while Zoe are the threads that carry to the next generation.
Post Surgical Collage Pieces 2011-2012
This is an exploration of my thoughts on surgery, prophalactic mastectomy, capsulectomy, and how society affects women concerning the importance of body parts.
Print Gallery
These are affordable prints of some of my favorite pieces.
Found Object gallery2007-2011
I Hate to throw anything away that can be painted on. These are paintings on found objects.
Fire Series
People and Places 2015