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It's Not Pretty (thumbnail) Don't Forget Your Party Hat (thumbnail) Sterile Brand New (thumbnail) Free of Twists and Turns (thumbnail) Wash Away (thumbnail) Allergy (thumbnail) I examine female identity, and the outer and inner scars we wear. I am my own warrior. (thumbnail) Doctor Say (thumbnail) I Think It Was the Medication (thumbnail) This May Impair Your Ability (thumbnail)
Sterile Brand New (large view)
Sterile Brand New
Work is an exploration based on surgical procedures thru the years. This examines women and their views on female identity based on external parts deemed important by society. Materials are gauze from surgery, used paper towels, dried blood, acrylic, oil, pastel, medical papers on precedures and post opt care. Pieces from this series for 2011 are on wood.
16.75" H x 24.75" W