Bachelor of Arts Degree Summa Cum Laude 2011, Calif. State University Northridge. 

I am self taught and have exhibited for 3 decades.  I earned a bachelor degree after 2 decades of exhibition in galleries.  I only earned the basic degree for myself.  As an older artist it did not affect my opportunities within the art community. Even with a degree we are all self taught and perhaps returning to school crystallized this truth to me. My work for many years centered on the everyday.  The diversity of my community, current news, and people were central to my practice and my visual record of life. This attitude of purpose changed with the politics of the day and the pandemic.  I could no longer draw people.  The last two paintings about BLM and the Pandemic brought me deep sadness. Just before the pandemic I had begun to draw birds.  When the pandemic hit I began a new and happier path into nature.  Drawing birds brings me a peace I have never felt. 

Exhibitions Solo/ Panels/ lectures/ Art Residencies
2022 FIELD OF INNOCENCE Mash Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Curator: Haleh Mashian
2022 UCLA Hillel Gallery, West Los Angeles, Curator: Randi Matushevitz
2022 Guest Speaker and Presenter, Jewish Artist Initiative, 3 Decades Of Art , LA, CA
2022 Solo Exhibition, MOAH Cedar, Museum of Art History Cedar Annex, Lancaster, CA
2021 Ayatana Bird Art Residency Research Center, Canada
2021 Guest Lecturer, Bird Series Presentation, Audubon Society Palos Verdes Chapter
2020 Guest Teacher, Drawing on The Metro, SoLA Gallery, LA
2020 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Montalbon , Curators: EMS Productions and Baha Danesh
2018 Studio System ll, Art Residency Torrance Art Museum, Head Curator Max Presneill
2018 Museum Of The San Fernando Valley "Public Settings...Private Conversations", 20 year retrospective, Northridge
2018 LA Artists Guest Series, School of Visual Arts and Humanities, LA
2017 Visiting Artist, Pop Up Gallery, Room And Board, Culver City CA 
2017 Solo Guest Speaker, The Museum Of The San Fernando Valley
2016 Chung King Alley, Back Room Gallery, Coagula Curatorial, Special Showing
2014 LA Artcore, 3 person exhibit, LA CA
2013 Solo Exhibit, Valley Performing Arts Center Gallery, Cal State Univ. Northridge
2013 Guest Speaker on Solo Exhibit, CSUN ARTS COUNCIL, Valley Performing Arts Center Gallery
2013 Solo Exhibit, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2013 Solo Exhibit, Conversations With The Artist, Gallery 825
2013 Valley Performing Arts Center Gallery, Cal State University Northridge
2012 Polish Pallet  Art Residency, Oswiecim, Southern Poland,,sponsor: Lark Gallery
2012 Momentum Art Panel WCA,  Reverse the Gaze and process, Gallery 825, Los Angeles CA
2012 Guest Speaker, California State University Northridge, Senior Projects Class
2011 Julien's Auction House, Beverly Hills CA, Auction of Guitar "Star Chords"
2010 Mount St. Mary's College, 4 Person Show, Los Angeles, CA, Curator: Jody Baral
2006 Particular Places, Marriott Hotel, Woodland Hils, CA
2004 Faces, Pelican Art, Petaluma Ca
2003 Shoptalk, Performing Arts Gallery, Cal State Univ. Northridge
1999 Valley Faces, 2 person show, Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA


2022 Aviary, The Loft At Liz's, Curator Betty Ann Brown, Los Angeles
2022 EXTRAMORE , Art Bar LA, Venice CA
2022 Drama: Story-Telling In Art, OCCCA Orange County Center For Contemporary Art, Juror Ziying Duan
2021NOMAD POP UP , Torrance Art Museum Initiative, Head Curator, Max Presneill
2021Open Show, Gallery 825, LA Curation by Peter Frank
2021 Exposition De Art Miniature Curator Kate Carvellas
2020The Wall Of Infinite Possibilities, Curator Rachel Hobreigh
2020 Women By Women 2020, SoLA Contemporary, Curator Sharon Allicotti
2020 Drawn To Dance, Collaboration Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, Curator Sharon Allicotti
2020 99%, 2 Person Exhibition, Mash Gallery, Curator David S Rubin, Downtown Los Angeles
2019 For Heaven's Sake USC Hillel Jerrusalem Biennale Curators Sagi Refael and Ruth Weisberg
2019 Art And Democracy Visual Artists Guild, West Hollywood, CA
2019 Room And Board LAFH Culver City
2019 Far and Near, VICA, Curator Juri Koll, SanPedro,CA
2019 Side Street Projects 2019, Curator Mark Steven Greenfield, Downtown LA, CA
2019 "Kitsch-In-Sync: Art and its Opposite", Curator: Bradford J Salamon, Coastline Community College
2018 "Art With A Heart LA Child Guidance Center Curator Shahla Rahimi Reynolds LA CA
2018 Side Street Projects, Benefit Art Auction, Coordinator: Mark Steven Greenfield, Pasadena
2018 Kamikazis "Deja-vu Realism" Curator Mahara Sinclaire Bendix Building DTLA CA
2018 Art In Place, VICA, Curator Juri Koll Long Beach CA
2018 Odyssey ll, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA
2017 Hellmouth, Avenue 50 Studio., LA Curator Leonard Greco
2017 Cratedigger Vol 2, Gabba Gallery, Curator Jason Ostro
2017 Monstervision 2017, Instagram Featured Artist
2017 GIMME 5! MuzeuMM, LA Jurors: Juri Koll/ Mishelle Moross
2017 HOLD YOU Foundation/ Charity Auction, The Loft At Liz's, Randi Kreeft, LA CA
2017 Art & Home 2017, Room & Board and Angeleno Magazine, Culver City, CA
2017 Hollywood & Fine, A.G. Geiger Galleries, Curator: Juri Koll
2017 Female Figure, Beyond The Lines Gallery, Bergamot Station, S.M. Brittany Davis
2017 Tequila Mockingbird's Steampunk Punk And Proper Art Show, Mid-City Arthouse, Culver City
2017 Loteria lll, Cactus Gallery
2016 MAS Attack, Torrance Art Museum, Max Presneill
2016 MuzeuMM, Faux Sho': DADA Centennial Part 2
2016 Cactus Gallery, Holiday Show
2016 Groundspace Projects, Holiday Show, Los Angeles, Susan Joseph
2016 Groundspace,Fantastic Feminist Figuration, Los Angeles, curator: Betty Brown, Wendy Sherman
2016 Gun Show, The Loft At Liz's
2016 Cactus Gallery LA, "Sticks and Stones",Douglas Alvarez, Sandra Mastroianni
2016 Room and Board Decor, LA Family Housing,, Angeleno Magazine,Culver City,
2016 Boots On The Ground, Dulce Stein curator, Culver City, CA
2015 ART MAKES CHANGE, Dale Youngman Projects, Bergamot Station, Vision Quest LA
2015 THE DRAWING SHOW, The Loft Gallery, Curator: Betty Brown
2015 Blank Canvas, Washington Reid Gallery, Group exhibition/fundraiser, for United Cerebral Palsy, Curator: Kristine Schomaker
2015 Room and Board Decor, Group Exhibit and Fund Raiser, LA Family Housing, Angeleno Magazine, Culver City
2015 LAX Restaurant, Group Exhibition Curator: Dulce Stein
2015 Sketchbook Exhibition/Competition, Temporary Space LA, Curator: Melissa Orcutt
2015 Fashionistas Fight Back, OCCCA, Orange County Center of Contemporary Art, Curator/Juror: Shana Nyes Dambrot 
2015 Shine On, Pop up Exhibit, Curator: Carl Shubs, Group Show, Basecamp Brewery,  
2015 Gabba Gallery,  Wishlist 3.0 , Group Show, Gabba Arts District DTLA
2015 Mask Art Show, KGB Gallery, DTLA
2015 5th Annual Art Project LA, Aids Project LA, Bonhames Auction House
2015 "Hot Ten", Beyond Baroque, Venice CA, Highlights 10 LA Artists, Curator: Bob Branaman
2015 Art Boot Camp Exhibit, Phantom Gallery, Hawthorne
2015 Adorn, Gallery 825, LA, Juror: Sarah Russin (Lace Director)
2015 10th Anniversary Exhibit, Chimmaya Gallery
2015 Reseda Council, Group Exhibit
2014 Invitation Design: Dan Tana's 50th year Gala Event for this famous celeb hangout
2014 Our Ever Changing World Pop Up Exhibit, Chung King Road, LA Curator: Karrie Ross
2014 LA Artcore, 4 person exhibit, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Brand 42, Works on Paper, Brand Library, Juror: Jack Rutberg
2013 Gallery 825, Gleaming Apollo, Group show, Juror: Shulamit Nazarian
2013 'RESEDA', Public Project, Reseda Neighborhood Council, Reseda, CA
2013 Hale Art Space, Santa Monica CA 
2013 Interpretations, Drawing, Curator: Mary Oliver, City Hall Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, City Hall East
2012 Dale Youngman Projects, Syrup Loft, Los Angeles, CA 
2012 Chim Maya Gallery, Small works Dec. exhibit, East Los Angeles, CA
2012  Momentum Exhibit, LAAA, Curator: Rita Gonzalex, Associate Curator of LACMA  
2011 Julien's Auction House, Beverly Hills, CA Auction of Guitar "Star Chords"
2011 Crewest Gallery, Top Of The Dome,  Los Angeles Calif.
2011Dale Youngman
2011 Chim Maya Gallery, November Group show, Los Angeles, CA
2011 ChimMaya Gallery, DOD exhibit, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Portraits of the Fallen, Memorial Project, Calif. Phase
2011 Sustainable Art Exhibition, The New World F.E.S.T., Santa Monica, CA
2011  Doug Harvey Chain Letter Exhibition, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA at Bergamot Station
2011 CSUN Annual Juried Exhibition, Cal State University, Northridge, CA, Jurors: James Robie, Damon Willick, Toni Scott
2011 Subspace Art Gallery, Culver City, CA
2010 Crewest Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, Owners:Man One/ Harry Flannagan
2010 2010 L. A. Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Jurors: Franklin Sirmans/Ali Subotnick
2010 Get Art, Project Angel Food,Los Angeles, CA
2010 Artist Guild Exhibit, West Gallery, Cal State University Northridge, Northridge, CA
2010 Mail Art Exhibit, Armory Center For the Arts, LA
2010 Eye For Identity, West Gallery, Cal State University Northridge, Northridge, CA
2010 Mirrors of the Soul, El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood, CA
2009 HOMEGROWN, L.A. Arthouse, West Hollywood
2009 Out There, Gallery 825, LAAA, Los Angeles, Juror: Bert Green
2009 Annual Faces Exhibit, Upstream Gallery
2009 CSUN Student Exhibit, Juror: Ashley Emeneger
2008 Out There, Gallery 825, Juror: Cliff Benjami
2008 Alchemy of Art, Juror: Peter Frank, Lark Gallery On-line Exhibi
2008 Benefit Exhibit, Gallery 825, LA
2007 Detour Exhibit, Otis College of Art and Design
2007 25th Anniversary Art Scene Gala, Original Art Centerpiece LACMA, LA, CA
2007 GEM, Gallery 825, Los Angeles
2006 Ann Philbin Open Show Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2006 Grey McGear Modern, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
2006 Tarfest, Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA
2006 Pierce Art Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA
2006 Beckstrand Gallery, Palos Verdes
2006 Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes, CA
2006 Marriott Hotel, Woodland Hills, CA Featured Artist
2005-06 Upstream Peoples Gallery
2005-06 LAWA Public Art Exhibit, Tom Bradley Terminal, LAX
2005 McGear Modern, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
2004 Long Beach Art Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2004 Satelite Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2004 L.A. Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles. CA
2004 Grey McGear Modern, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
2004 Pelican Art Gallery, Petaluma, CA
2004 Pierce Art Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA
2003 Beckstrand Gallery, Palos Verdes, CA
2003 Cambridge Art Assoc. Natl. Prize Show, Cambridge, MA
2003 Performing Arts Gallery, Cal State Northridge Solo Show, CA
2002Valley Artists Studio Tour
2002 Cambridge Art Assoc. Nat. Prize Show, Cambridge, MA
2002 Black History Month, The Second City Council Gallery Long Beach, CA
2001 America, The Second City Council Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2001 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Live Auction, CA
2001 A Community of Angels, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Chandler Outdoor Gallery, North Hollywood
2000 Bank of America, Laguna Beach, CA
2000 St. Louis Artists Guild, St. Louis, MO
1999 Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes, CA
1999 Century Gallery, Los Angeles Mission College, CA
1998 The West Gallery, Cal State University, Fullerton CA
1997 ASPCA Benefit Art Auction, Los Angeles, CA
1997 Masterpiece Gallery, Chatsworth CA
1995-1996 Mythos Gallery, Burbank, CA
1995-1996 Gail Michael Collection, Studio City, CA
1996 LA Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park, LA
1995 Charles Hecht Gallery, Tarzana CA
1994 Bowles-Sorroko Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA


2018 Art And Cake, "Studio Visit: Jodi Bonassi, Stories Of The Persona by Gary Brewer
2018 Editor's Roundtable by David S Rubin June VOS Weekly Newsletter
2018 Daily Breeze Torrance Art Museum's Residency/Studio Systems ll by Karen Robes Meeks
2018 Art Scene Magazine ,May Issue, "Public Settings" by David S Rubin p.21and p.70
2018 Voyage LA
2018  Studio Visit Magazine
2016 Fantastic Feminist Figuration, Art and Cake, Jennifer Susan Jones, Cont. Art Magazine
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2015 Art Review What I Want For The Holidays: Wish List at The Gabba Gallery, Genie Davis for  Diversions LA
2015 Art Review THE DRAWING SHOW  by Kirk Silsbee in Arts Meme: Where They Live: So. Cal Artists Draw at Liz's
2015 People's Choice Award, Temporary Space LA, Sketchbook Competition
20152014 Dan Tana's 50th. Anniversary: Invitation design/artist
2014 Zocalo Public Square: Periodical, Article and images
2013 Our Ever Changing World
2013 Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 19, Curator Jonathan Green
2012 Art of Now, Lark, On line review by Peter Frank
2012 Hair's How Magazine (Russian High fashion magazine) Interview an publication of barber pieces.

2012 Singular City Magazine, Installation of Door Pieces published for Divorce article
2011 Outstanding Gruduating Senior Award
2011 Communication Nominee: Leo Wolfson Scholar Award
2011 "Best of Show" CSUN Annual Juried Exhibition, Jurors: Toni Scott, Damon Willick, James Robie
2010 Studio Visit Magazine, Juror: Dina Deitsch
2010 "Jodi Bonassi At Barnsdall, Rene Deloffre
2010 "Guitar Town Is Coming" CWG Magazine, On-Line Publication
2010 Larchmont Review
2010 Hans G. Burkhardt Memorial Scholarship, Cal State University Northridge, Northridge, CA
2010 Outstanding Senior Student Dean's Award, Mike Curb College of Arts and Media, Northridge, CA
2010 "Valley Artist Creates "CREATE", Arts In Education Aid Council, Inc., Canoga Park, CA
2010 Upstream Gallery Award and Review, Larry Bradshaw, Curator
2009-10 Gallery 825 Catalogue, Juror Samuel Hoi, Pres., Otis College
2008-10 Delta Alpha Pi, International Honor Society, Calif.State Univ. Northridge, Northridge,CA
2008-10 University Scholars Award, CSUN, Los Angeles, CA
2009 25th Annual Recognition Award, CSUN, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Best Of AmericaArtists Book Volume 2
2008 University Scholars Award, Cal State Univ. Northridge (CSUN)
2008 Studio Visit Magazine, Juror: Michael Lash: Ocean Press
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2007 WWNorton Publishing. Psycology 7e, Chapter 3Chess Players2, college textbook
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1996 Desert Sun "Gallery Glimpse", September
1996 Scot Cards, Newberry Park, CA
1995 The Messenger, Topanga Gallery Paper, CA
1994 The Concern Foundation
1987 Creative With Words Publications, Carmel, CA, Christmas Edition

PUBLIC ART/ Special Projects

2017 Modern Art Blitz, Guest Speaker, Mat Gleason Host
2017 Guest Artist Series, speaking and teaching, LA High School, David Valentine/Sonia Hansen
2010 The Sunset Strip Guitar Town Project, Revitalization Program, Los Angeles, CA
2010 "Window Between Worlds" Participating artist forcreator: Kim Abeles, Northridge, CA
2009 WALL OF CHANGES Collaborative Mural Project, Paricipating Artist, USU, Cal State University, Northridge
2005-06 LAWA Public Art Exhibit, Tom Bradley Terminal, LAX
2001 Alhambra Business Association , A Community of Angels Project,Los Angeles, CA
2001 Chandler Outdoor Gallery, No. Hollywood Revitalization Project
2001Von's Corporation, Angel Heart Statue, Catholic Big Brothers Community of Angel Project, Los Angeles
1997 LACMA Banner Park Labrea Arts Council
California State University Northridge
The Museum Of the San Fernando Valley
Betty Ann Brown
Dee Wallace

Calif. State University Northridge, Art Assistant, (2006-2011) Main Art Gallery
National Museum of Women In The Arts
Founder: Create Project
LAMAG, Cultural Affairs Dept., Slide Registry, Los Angeles, CA