Lucinda Luvaas: The Times of Our Lives

| 12 October, 2011 23:24

As an artist I am always in awe of other artists.  One in particular is the understated but deep works of Lucinda Luvaas.  "The Times Of Our Lives" is currently on view at the Gregory Way Gallery.  The gallery is located at 245 S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.  Lucinda's work can be described as relief paintings that depict various moments in people's lives.  People are talking, eating, shopping or just thinking about the next moment as they propel themselves  from one place to another.  What first draws the viewer in are the delicious pastel colors.  Soft powdery blue greens with fleshy pink accents and other analogous  combinations pull me into a hard-edged world. This juxtaposition links me to the quality of life versus the lack of time necessary to get what we want from this life.  There is a graphic illustrative quality to her work but this is not to be considered illustration.  Black built of areas of texture and line depicts people and places against a backdrop of translucent shimmery montages of subtle color values.  People are bustling up and down elevators and walking the streets.  Many seem to be contemplating their next errand. One only hopes that the rushing will stop long enough for us to breathe and enjoy the moments we have.  Her colors are calming and is a reminder of what we seek to enjoy. What is enchanting is that I can place myself in any one of her pieces.  We have all gone shopping, done errands and rushed from place to place hoping for a moment of respite.  The best gift you could give yourself is to take time to go see her work.  It will inspire and remind you to take time to enjoy what is beautiful.  The exhibit runs from September 17-October 31.