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It's Not Pretty (thumbnail) Don't Forget Your Party Hat (thumbnail) Sterile Brand New (thumbnail) Free of Twists and Turns (thumbnail) Wash Away (thumbnail) Allergy (thumbnail) I examine female identity, and the outer and inner scars we wear. I am my own warrior. (thumbnail) Doctor Say (thumbnail) I Think It Was the Medication (thumbnail) This May Impair Your Ability (thumbnail)
Free of Twists and Turns (large view)
Free of Twists and Turns
From my surgery series. There are two parts of me, my outer scars and acceptance of my inner self. I had a double mastectomy in 1994 as a pro active measure based on a medical diagnosis and a heavy family history of breast cancer. Mixed media on plywood, with recycled papers, acrylic, oil, oil pastel, marker,surgical gauze, and other medical paraphernalia.
25" H x 17" W