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Figurative portrait of my cousin Suzie (thumbnail) Dew Drop Inn Too (thumbnail) Dew Drop Inn Too- In Process (thumbnail) Barbershop#9 (thumbnail) Dew Drop Inn , reception at LA Arthouse (thumbnail) "Love In Every Bite" (thumbnail) Snespers (thumbnail) Gutartown (thumbnail) New (thumbnail) Lauren Lo (thumbnail) "Picnic" (thumbnail) Just Minding Our Own (thumbnail) Pure and Tasty (thumbnail) "Texting Grandma" (thumbnail)
Barbershop#9 (large view)
"Best of Show" in the Annual Cal State University Juried Exhibition by outside art professional. James Robie, Damon Willick (Art historian and Prof Loyola University, and Toni Scott juried this event.
30" H x 30" W