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This is a mixed media piece and measures 15"x12" and was origially begun in 2010 completed in 2012. (thumbnail) This is a mixed media piece on broken door with homemade frames from sand and wood. It measures (thumbnail) "World Famous" (thumbnail) "Yeah Yummy!" (thumbnail) This is a mixed media piece that began in 2010 and was completed along with all the door pieces in 2012. It measures 14 1/2" by 18" (thumbnail) This mixed media piece measures 22"x25" and is meant to be seen as installation art for the broken door installation. Began in 2010 and worked on and completed by 2012. (thumbnail) This mixed media piece describes a determined young woman hardened by life. It measures 24"x22" and is part of the unhinged installation. Began in 2010 and finally completed in 2012. (thumbnail) "May Cry" (thumbnail) "Unhinged" (thumbnail) "Unhinged Installation" (thumbnail)
"Unhinged Installation" (large view)
"Unhinged Installation"
The door is an entrym a gate or an exit. No this is not the "Twilight Zone". The door can be slammed in anger, opened in joy, removed for a time-out or kicked into submission by its owner. It is the loss of innocense and a reclaimer of the self. It is an open door for all who are invited.
78" H x 90" W